Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Venue Spotlight: The River Stage at Great Plaza

The River Stage at Great Plaza is located on the Delaware River Front at Penn's Landing. Located at Chestnut and Spring Garden Streets, it is a premier outdoor venue for summer concerts in Philadelphia. With it's unique location right near the waterfront, it definitely deserves more buzz than it's getting. Afterall, there's nowhere you'd want to be when it's the peak of the summer than next to a large, cool body of water. So allow VC to break down the pro's and cons of this venue. 

Pro: The setup of the venue is that the stage is right in front of the river with ascending smooth concrete stairs acting as seating.

Con: The stairs do make it harder to see the stage because some attendees prefer to sit while others prefer to stand. Depending on the show, one might be more considerate and make more sense than the other.

Pro: At night, this is a really cool and open space. You're not worried about shoving or moshpits or someone sweating all over you unless you're closer to the stage. Then it's like any other concert but with more spontaneous bursts of wind.

Childish Gambino, Aug 2012
photo credit: Jess Dooley

Con: You're outside. Any of the elements can have an effect on your experience. And this venue does cancel concerts while you're in line due to rain.

The concert pricing is moderate. On average, you'll spend $35/ticket. Buying from the box office is always the best because you won't pay as many service fees as online.

Another general rule of thumb is to arrive and wait in line for at least an hour and a half. It sounds crazy but the majority of concert goers arrive anywhere from 15-30 minutes before the doors open. You do not want to show up and get mixed up in that throng.

It. Is. Awful.

For more information, check out the venue's website, Ticketmaster or Livenation.


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