Tuesday, August 7, 2012

10 Songs That Will Get You Through This Summer.

Forget the Billboard charts. Here are 10 songs that you absolutely should burn onto a CD (old-school music fans rejoice!) or throw onto your iPod's newest playlist.

1. Synthetica - Metric : "I'll keep the life that I've got..." How many times do you find yourself content with life? This song actually makes you want to like your life. Great for those days when you're peddling off to that summer job you hate.

2. Dig A Hole - William Beckett : Find a better guitar-wuilding crooner this side of the Mississippi River? Doubtful. Unless you consider Justin Nozuka. Either way, this song is perfect for those late night trips to Wawa or a trek through the park.

3. Money (Let It Go) - TakingBackSunday : And just when you think summer's all about being happy-go-lucky and making memories, you have a completely shit day and are ready to do nothing but scream at the top of your lungs. This is your anthem.

Bloc Party will release their fourth studio
album, 4, later this month.

4. Day Four - Bloc Party : Tranquil and melodic, this is the perfect jam to wake up and start your day to. Just in time for the countdown to the fall, and the band's upcoming album, Four (Aug. 21).

5. Constant Conversations - Passion Pit : Talk about mood music, this is perfect for those nights where you're up all night, thinking and just wishing your brain would turn off.

6. Sharp Practice - Circa Survive : Cigarette breaks, coffe breaks, breaks of all kinds. This track has just enough momentum to free your mind from the task at hand while preparing you for going back to it.

7. Slave to Substance - Suicide Silence : Permission to take out all your pent up aggression in the form of an impromptu moshpit in your living room? Granted.

8. Youth Knows No Pain - Lykke Li : This song is perfect for a walking on the beach, no worries and slightly bored kind of day.

9. Thinkin' Bout You - Frank Ocean : Thought we'd let you off the hook with no love songs? Come on. It's the time of hookups, flings and budding romances. This is for all you romantics out there, to play in the background while you lip-lock your summer crush.

10. How They Want Me To Be - Best Coast: When your day (or night) is done, slip into your pj's, bust out your favorite snack and relax with this little ditty.

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