Friday, August 10, 2012

Shows Ahoy!: The VC Guide to Outdoor Summer Music Festivals.

It's summer so the only thing on your mind besides the latest blockbuster smashing through the movie box offices is what concerts you're going to.

Of course, with the humidity doing that horrible thing it does, the last thing you also want to be doing is going to shows outside.

But traditionally, this is the time that the best concerts and festivals take place and where else would they be but allowing bands to soak up the sun? That's why we're providing you with a 5-point plan to beat the murderous temperatures and enjoy all the bands you love on tour this summer.

1. Sunblock Is Your New Best Friend
You need to know that sun cancer is a real threat if you're spendinng upwards of 6-8 hours in the sun. So the best way to protect your largest and most sensitive organ is with a very powrful sun shield. I prefer any sunblock with an SPF above 50. Coppertone Ultraguard is what I nearly drowned in last summer. Same rules for "sport" sunblocks--which work in aerosol form for quicker application, dry with a less greasy feeling than traditional sunblock and don't ruin your clothes. 

2. There Is No Such Thing As Drinking Too Much Water
Hydration. Hydration. Hydration. Unless you want to wake up in the Warped Tour Medical Emergency Tent sweating nearly to death, you will drink water periodically throughout the day--like while you're rushing between each stage. The best way is to bring a reusable water bottle because lo and behold, most summer shows in outdoor venues allow them now! It only took them half a century but at least it happened at all.

3. Eat A Large Breakfast and An Even Larger Dinner
You wouldn't believe how many people pass out from dehydration at summer shows. Moshpits are the worst place on earth if your body isn't  fully rested, and fully prepped for the onslaught of all those 250-plus dudes throwing their full body weight at you. So do yourself a favor and eat a breakfast high in energy building nutrients.

Cereal, pancakes, waffles.

Anything grains goes.

And at night, replenish with vegetables and protein. You gotta get home still, right?
Besides, the prices for food at venues is astronomical and the food tastes like crap. Save money, and your tastebuds in one move!

4. Go With At Least 2 Friends
Safety in numbers is a really stupid phrase. But in a show, it totally applies. It's impossible to find one person in a crowd, especially if their phone dies, or they don't hear it or it breaks/gets lost in the pit. That third person could be the difference between you being stranded and making it home with a rad story to tell. 

Always have a meet-up point.
It should be somewhere you all know how to get to just in case anyone gets lost. Plan specific time to meet there and most importantly, DON'T MOVE FROM THAT SPOT.

No matter how many friends you bring, that is the key to not panicking. No one wants to watch their favorite band alone. It's no fun.

5. Take Breaks: Your Knees Will Thank You

Most venues are on their A-game in the summer and have special areas where you can sit shaded from the blinding sunlight. Find these places and sit there when there is absolutely nothing else going on you want to do. Fifteen minutes of sitting every two hours could be the difference between getting kicked in the face and making it out of the pit alive and with all your teeth.

You body can't handle all the things you want it to all the time. But this is the way to make sure you don't miss anything and don't get hurt trying to have the time of your life.


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