Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Chiodos: Reunited and Ready to Go?

The sextet will be playing Philadelphia again this Saturday, August 25th at the Trocadero Theatre! 
Chiodos fans across the globe rejoiced with the news that original frontman, Craig Owens, had been reunited with the sextet and brought original drummer, Derrick Frost, with him this past spring.

With Alternative Press releasing not only a 6-page cover story and a digital photo album of Davison, MI post-hardcore outfit, it seemed only right that VC should cover their resurgence as well.

I first learned of the band in 2006 when their Equal Vision label debut, All's Well That End's Well, was generating major nods from the likes of fans, critics and their contemporaries alike. And how could they not?

Chiodos--singer Owens, guitarists Jason Hale and Pat McManaman, bassist Matt Goddard, drummer Frost, and keyboardist Bradley Bell--were redefining post-hardcore singlehandedly.

Their sound was atmospheric and melodic, channeling genre-blurring predacessors At The Drive-InFrom Autumn To Ashes and Saves the Day. Jason Hale's metal influences contrasted with the classical training of Frost but the result is a intricate combination of precise shredding and epic supporting electronic melodies.

And the rhythm section is just as tight, with Goddard and Frost backing everything. Theirs is a style that rounds out the other members around them, allowing moments where everyone can be heard, or be able to place a musical spotlight on either Hale, Bell or Owens, and yet have such a seamless musicianship with one another.

Nothing is over-simplified, just a space filler or out of place on this album.

Combining clean and growled vocals, Owens emerged as a vocal talent that few could rival. But his stage persona was what catapulted the band to superstardom. After seeing countless live performances, I know Owens is the kind of performer that begins to live the moment he takes foot on stage and the venue lights dim down.

With all bands however, Chiodos is without their difficult moments. Owens was a workaholic, drug-abusing perfectionist. His restlessness and manic moodswings, left the band feeling an overwhelming need to either stop playing together or have him leave.

And after touring on their sophomore effort, Bone Palace Ballet (2007), it came down to just that. And following Owens' inevitable exit, Frost departed as well for personal reasons.

For a brief time, frontman Brandon Bolmer helmed the group, rounded out with the addition of drummer Tanner Wayne. Chiodos' third release, Illuminaudio (2010), featured their musicianship. But Wayne and Bolmer were like sticking plaid patches on fairly sizeable hole in your favorite black jeans (why the fuck would you do that?). After a year of touring in support of the album, the California natives were also let go from the Michigan-based band.
With Owens' and Frost's reinitiation into the lineup, the inevitable shouts of "When's the album dropping?" began. All I can say is that I'm just ecstatic for the band. Even if their next album is horrendous--which is unlikely but a possibility just the same--I'll buy it and see their tour.

For more info on the rise and return of Chiodos, follow them on Twitter, Facebook, iTunes and their personal website.

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